These two pilots they've launched a startup that aims to help decarbonise the aviation industry.

15.09.2022  - Business Insider

Two pilots who were laid off during the pandemic have launched a
climate tech startup. The pair aim to help decarbonise the aviation sector through an
app that will change pilot behaviour. FuelVision has raised 600,000 euros (around $594,996) to build its app.

Enhancing Fuel Management to Promote Sustainability

29.02.2024 John Franklin - EASA

A case study on how FuelVision is helping Danish operator Jettime to turn their sustainability goals into action.

Fly Net Zero Media Update

06.02.2022 Nicolas Jammes -  IATA

IATA's monthly publication on sustainability progress in the industry includes an interview with one of FuelVision's co-founders, discussing their unique approach.

Jettime invests in a green technology company

15.09.2022  - Check-in

The Danish charter airline Jettime has invested in FuelVision, which has developed an app for pilots that can optimize the use of aviation fuel. The app may prove to have global potential.

An Efficiency Interlude

06.02.2022 Oli Hall - The Raven

Whilst novel technologies and new designs are likely the future, how can we make current aircraft more efficient in the meantime?

Reducing Aviation Emissions And Motivating Pilots

25.02.2022 Scott Stonham- Well, That's Interesting Tech!

How FuelVision's work is helping reduce aviation emissions and retain pilots through better engagement.